About JPG (Josh Parkin Guitars)

JPG originally started out as a side project back in 2006 whilst I was working on Denmark St in London. Working between Jack's Guitar Shack and B J & Byrne Guitars I would use the workshops in my time off to make one-off custom guitars for musicians around the capital. 

In 2012 JPG became an official company and relocated to Osaka Japan, where we started to up our game, going from making a handful of guitars a year to full-scale production in a dedicated workshop. JPG guitars and Basses have always been one off customs and I didn't want this to change for the sake of profit. So I continued making 100% customs, starting with a blank canvas and finishing with a strung guitar for every order. I decided early on that my main area of focus would be tone, making guitars look fantastic isn't difficult, but really making them sound outstanding is a serious challenge and one I knew I needed to master. The problem is about 80% of the 'facts' we know about guitar tone are total nonsense, for example 'set necks have more sustain than bolt-on's', there is little to no truth to this, what people really mean is an LP has more sustain than a Strat, which is mostly down to the woods used and the mass of the instrument.  Anyway, I'll try not to rattle on about stuff like this. The point being I had to scrap everything I 'knew' and really start listening. After a couple of years I'd say I had it nailed, knowing how to balance out tonewoods perfectly with various construction methods, to achieve a customers ideal tone. 

Continuing with the goal of making the best sounding guitars around, I decided I also needed to make my own pickups, in order to really have control over the quality of tone my instruments produce. While there are some fantastic pickup makers out there, some guitars really need a custom wind to help balance them out perfectly. All JPG pickups are hand-wound and made with the best possible materials to achieve the desired tone.

In 2017 the decision was made to move JPG back to the UK, Japan had been a great host, but it was time to get back home (there's only so long you can keep a Yorkshire lad away from real ale and pork pies). As of Summer 2018, JPG re-opened in York, UK.