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TELE Pickups

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‘51 Knowcaster

Based on the hotter examples of early Broadcaster and ‘Nocaster’ pickups, these brutes are Rock n Roll in it’s purest form.

In the early days there were no exact specs for the pickups that went into the guitars that started it all. The coils were wound by hand with no counter, hen the bobbin looked full they were done. There were also a mixture of Alnico 3 & 5 magnets throughout those years, The only standard spec was the 43AWG Plain Enamel Magnet wire and Zinc plated Steel baseplates. My personal preference is for the hotter winds paired with the A5 magnets. This gives a very fat Tele tone perfectly matched to Swamp-Ash bodies and all Maple Necks. Plug em into something loaded with 6L6’s and feel those pure lows and spectacular highs.

Output - 8/10
Magnets - Alnico 5
DC Resistance - N 7.0KΩ / B 11.5KΩ

54 Twang Man.jpg

‘54 Twang Man

Into the mid 50’s and the pickups become a little more standardised. Staggered magnet and a cooler wind for that classic Twangy Tele Tone.

Whilst still wound with 43AWG Plain Enamel over Alnico 5 magnets, in 1954 things got a little more balanced, sure the brutes in the early years were awesome, but not for everyone. The ‘54 Twang Man pickups are a bow to the most iconic of all the Tele pickups and what everyone will instantly think of when imagining a ‘Tele tone’. The bridge pickup features a much lighter wind and is coupled with a set of lightly staggered magnets and a copper plated baseplate. These are bright and twangy but with gorgeous detail.

Output - 5/10
Magnets - Alnico 5
DC Resistance - N 6.8KΩ / B 7.4KΩ