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Please Select your options for Strat Pickups or a set. After submitting your order, it will be checked by Josh before payment is made. Payment can be taken by credit/debit card or bank transfer. If you would like any custom options or custom winds that are not listed in the order form, please add notes describing your requirements and I’ll discuss options with you. Thanks 

RWRP has the middle pickup Reverse-Wound Reverse Polarity giving a parallel Humbucker in Position 2 & 4, this is standard on most Strats. Stock means all 3 pickups are wound the same way and positions 2 & 4 will be non-humbucking.
Steel Baseplates change the magnetic feild, they give the pickup a little more compression and focus at the cost of some harmonic range, as well as a slight boost to the lower mid-range. Good for more aggressive Bridge Tones
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