Traditional Hand-wound Strat coils, made with Vintage Accurate materials. Alnico II, III & V magnets, Heavy Formvar or Plain Enamel magnet wire, none of that cheapo Poly wire. Here you'll find a selection of Vintage voiced set as well as some more aggressive winds. If you would like something more specific, please contact me for custom winds. HSS or HSH guitar? drop me a line and I'll recommend a set that will balance out perfectly for you. 

Singles starting from £65 Sets starting from £180



Strat Pickups

54 bellboy.jpg

'54 Bell Boy

Inspired by the classic mid-50's Strat tones, the '54 Bell Boy Strat Set is a balanced and tweaked version, giving a more even and useable output between the three coils. With the Classic and well loved Strat Bell Tone.

Wound with 42AWG Heavy Formvar wire over Alnico 3 magnets the '54 Bell Boy's have a classically bright but incredibly well balanced tone, with lustrous harmonic range, bell like highs and a very wide dynamic range. These can be ordered with either a stock polarity middle pickup as would have been standard in the 50's, or RWRP for those parallel humbucking positions that came around in the 60's strats.

OUTPUT - 4/10  
DC RESISTANCE - N 5.5KΩ / M 5.7KΩ / B 6.6KΩ

62 slabber.jpg


Based on the early 60's Pre-CBS era Strat Pickups. The '62 Slabber are slightly hotter than the 50's pickups and are also wound over Alnico 5 magnets, giving more definition and pick attack to warmer Roswood (Slab) Fingerboards.

The '62 Slabber are wound with 42AWG Heavy Formvar for that classic Strat Bell Tone, but give slightly more low-end and a more aggressive pick attack than the 50's style pickups, at the cost of a little detail. If you've got a rosewood fingerboard strat that is a little soft on the attack, then these will do a great job of speeding it up.

OUTPUT - 5/10  
DC RESISTANCE - N 5.8KΩ / M 6.0KΩ / B 6.8KΩ

strat pickguard view.jpg

180 Grit

A Vintage-Hot strat set, with more Low-end and Mid-range than a vintage Strat set. Imagine a mix between a Strat and a Tele.

Wound with 42AWG Plain Enamel over Alnico 5 Rods, the 180 Grit set has more dirt and oomph than a vintage Strat Set, making for a more balanced frequency range as well as more output. If you want your strat gritty and overdriven, then these bad boys will do it right. The Bridge pickup will benifit from a Steel Baseplate for a little more mid-range and attack if you're planning on doing some riffing.  
The Neck and Middle will pair exceptionally well with a Clipper Bridge Pickup in a HSS Alignment.

OUTPUT - 6/10  
DC RESISTANCE - N 6.6KΩ / M 6.9KΩ / B 7.7KΩ

Hot Sauce.jpg

Hot Sauce

For the player who want's to get fatter tones out of a Strat. The Hot Sauce set will give you loads more low-end and really sparkly Highs.

Wound With 43AWG Plain Enamel over Alnico 5 Magnets, the Hot Sauce pickups are deep and high, with more than enough output to overdrive a tube amp. They are almost P90-ish in tone but still definitly part of the Strat family. 

OUTPUT - 8/10  
DC RESISTANCE - N 10.5KΩ / M 11.0KΩ / B 13.1KΩ



Single Pickup 6String - £65
Single Pickup 7String - £75

Set 6String (x3) - £180
Set 7String (x3) - £210

Steel Baseplates* + £5 per Pickup (6String Only, for now)

Covers - included in price, available in Parchment(vintage white), Black, White, Cream, Mint Green for 6String.
Black or White only for 7String.

Magnet Staggering available
-Vintage Stagger (for 7.25"-9.5" fingerboards)
-Flat (for 10"-16" or Flatter Fingerboard)
-Left-Hand Vintage Stagger for Lefties or Mustang Bridge Pickups.

Pre-Wired Strat Pickguards -£250

Getting some Hand-wound JPG Strat Pickups, why not get a fully loaded and wired pickguard for your guitar to save the hassle of doing all that soldering. Pre-wired pickguards are made with the highest quality parts, USA Pickguards, Top-Spec CTS Pots, CRL Switch, Switchcraft Jack and a Jensen Paper-in-Oil Capacitor. All you have to do is wire on the Jack and Ground wire, if you bring your guitar in I'll do it for free.

Pickguards fit USA Fender Strat®, if you would like alternative pickguards, please contact, alternatively send in your existing pickguard and save £20 off the price.

Standard colours include, Parchment (Vintage White), White, Cream, Black, Mint Green. All Available in either Single ply or 3-Ply 

Tortoise, Pearloid and Black Pearloid +£20
Contact for additional Pickguard options.

Available in JPG SS-Switch configuration for no extra charge.


*Steel Baseplates are a grounded steel plate attached to the bottom of the pickup, which focuses the magnetic field, the result is more compression, attack and lower-midrange at the cost of a little harmonic complexity. They are most commonly used on a bridge pickup, in order to give a little more grit and take the tone closer to that of a Tele bridge pickup, however they also work well on HSS and HSH guitars, to balance out the difference between the Humbucker and Singles.