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PeaceTime Gentleman

Based on the Original P90’s of the Post-War era, these are a more tame and balanced pickup which will lend themselves perfectly to Jazz Players.

With a lighter wind of 42awg Plain Enamel compared to what we normally expect from a P90. The Peactime Gentleman also utilises the softer tones of Alnico 3 magnets. This gives a more natural tone with wonderful harmonics and a very dynamic touch response. They still retain that all important full low-end you’d expect from a P90 but with a less aggressive high-end.

Output 4/10
Magnets - Alnico 3
DC Resistance - Neck 7.2kΩ / Bridge 7.7kΩ

p9 dogear drwing.png

Chime Tone

A vintage output P90 with articulate highs and fast response, equally at home in hollow bodies or softer solid body guitars (mahogany, korina ect).

Wound with 42awg Plain Enamel to a mid 50’s spec, the Chime Tones are made with Alnico 2 magnets, which are slightly stronger than the gentle A3 magnets used in the Peacetime Gentleman. This gives a slightly scooped tone in comparison with a more articulate high-end and more pick attack.

Output - 5/10
Magnets - Alnico 2
DC Resistance - Neck 7.3kΩ / Bridge 7.8kΩ

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The Good Boy

A very well balanced and versatile set, with wonderful harmonics picking dynamics and enough grit to get dirty when called upon. Well suited to centre block hollow bodies (335type) or solid bodies.

With a slightly heavier wind of 42awg Plain Enamel, The Good Boys get there incredibly even balance from their Alnico 4 magnets which give more output but more importantly more focus on the midrange, which helps to balance out that scooped P90 tone. While many of you will have a specific sound and want a pickup voiced to that, there is always a call for a versatile pickup which can handle an array of tones and situations, if this is the case, you don’t want a pickup that puts too much emphasis on any one range, but something more balanced, letting your pre-amp put the eq on the tone rather than the pickup.

Output 6/10
Magnets - Alnico 4
DC Resistance - 7.4kΩ / Bridge 8.0kΩ

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A more aggressive P90 with bite and sharp attack at the same time as meaty low-mids. Keeping hold of beautiful cleans but happier with overdriven tones.

The 90-Grit is more coarse and aggressive than a standard ‘vintage’ P90 but still keeps the overall characteristics. With a heavier wind of 42awg Plain enamel paired with Alnico 5 magnets which give sharp and aggressive highs at the same time as deep and focused lows from the heavier wind. The 90-grit set is aimed more at the solid body guitars and will easily push a tube amp into natural overdrive.

Output - 7/10
Magnets - Alnico 5
DC Resistance - Neck 8.0kΩ / Bridge 9.5kΩ



Single Pickup £85

Set (x2) £160

Set (x3) £235

Available as Soapbar or Dogear type in Cream or Black

Nickel Covers Available for both Soapbar and Dogear
Nickel, Chrome and Raw Nickel + £18 per pickup
Gold +£23 per Pickup


Standard Cover

Single Pickup - £120

Set (x2) - £230
Price includes - Nickel, Chrome, Raw Nickel Covers.
Gold, Black and Smoke Black +£5 per pickup

Open Cover (with Faceplate)

Single Pickup £135

Set (x2) £250