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Whether you've got an exact idea of what you want or just a vague sense, it all starts with a conversation. This can be done in person, over the phone or via email. It is best to get the final specs down on email so that they can be checked and referenced on both sides. First of all we need to know what kind of style you're going for, what kinda music you play. Things you like, things you don't. Once we have an idea of the general type of guitar you want, we can start thinking about how it's actually gonna be made and what kind of a budget we're working to.

If you know exactly what wood you want your guitar made out of, then that's fine. If you aren't really sure, it's best to avoid reading around on the internet as there's a lot of bad info out there. Another important factor is how one type of wood interacts with another, the sound of one wood isn't fixed, it's all about the balance of the whole guitar. Don't worry though, you tell me how you want it to sound, the kind of colour scheme you're thinking of and I'll sort you out.

Once we've got all the basic specs worked out, we're ready to start designing. At this point you'll be required to pay a deposit of 30% (or more if you want) as the design process gets very time consuming.

With your specs down I can start to design the basic layout and draw a rough shape for the guitar. I'll then email you PDF versions of the digital design, for you to see. You can request changes to the shape and layout, I'll then tweak it and send it back to you. This normally goes back and forth 3 or 4 times before we land on the perfect version. 


Once the design is down, we can start sourcing wood. While I keep some nice pieces in stock, most of the time we'll order it in special for your guitar. Woods for the body and neck I will personally source in order to find the most stable and resonant piece with your tone in mind. If you are getting decorative pieces like figured tops or fingerboards, I'll shop around for the types of wood you're looking for in your budget and send you photos of around half a dozen to choose from, that way you can get a top you really like.


From this point we're into construction, throughout the process I'll send you regular pics of the guitar in process, it's a minimal effort for me but will give you a big kick and will keep you sound in mind that it's moving along (how many stories have you heard about people ordering and paying deposits on custom builds and then hearing nothing for months to years). 

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Once the guitar is done, all is left is for you to pay your balance and have the guitar either shipped out to you or come in for collection. If you're coming in, you can have the setup tweaked to your preferences while you're here.

And you're ready to rock.