Here's the JPG range of standard Humbucker models, I've made sure to cover all the bases and make a range of pickups suited to all types of playing and tones, but if you want something very specific, drop me a line and we'll see about winding you up something custom. Most Humbuckers can be ordered in a selection of colours and custom designs, Open bobbins or Covered. As well as 7 & 8 String configurations (Open Bobbins Only) 

Starting from £100 per Pickup or £190 Per SET

See Pricing


Vintage Output


59 F.A.P

For All Purposes, arguably the most balanced and ultimately useable humbucker ever. Thought I can't take credit for that, these are as you might have guessed from the name, a tweaked reproduction of the original 59 pickups from the golden era of the LP.

The 59 F.A.P set are hand-wound with vintage correct 42AWG Plain Enamel wire over Alnico 4 magnets.  As standard they are un-potted for increased harmonic content, but it you're going to be playing with higher gain or at really high levels let me know and I'll dunk 'em in the wax for you, free of charge of course. 

OUTPUT - 4/10  


57 Humclucker

Pure, original and unadulterated P.A.F tone. The '57 Humclucker has all the harmonic response, dynamic range and personality of the best '57 era humbuckers.

Back in 57 the LP was on it's way up, but the 335 models were still the main model to come off the production line and due to this the P.A.F's of that era were tailored to suit. Most of the pickups found from this era had Alnico 2 magnets and a slightly lighter wind than what you'd regularly find from the 59era pickups. If You're looking to load up a hollow-body or like a brighter pickup for an LP with ultimate note separation, this is the set for you.

Output - 3/10
Magnets - Alnico 2
DC Resistance - N 7.2KΩ / B 8.0KΩ

Green Manalishi.jpeg

The Green Manalishi

Named after my favourite Peter Green song, these are a faithful reproduction of the modded pickups from that very famous and coveted guitar. The neck pickup is wound with Heavy Formvar and the set is out-of-phase, for the classic Peter Green Tones.

Now, there have been plenty of attempts to re-create the Peter Green tone over the years. Luckily for all of us, it got a lot easier. After the passing of Gary Moore and before the guitar was sold to Kirk Hammett, the guitar and in particular the pickups were inspected. As is well known, the guitar is a 1959 model, though this one had Alnico 2 magnets, not uncommon but not as usual as A4 for the Era. The Bridge pickup was left original, but Peter wasn't happy with the Neck tone, so had it re-wound. The luthier who took on the job decided to re-wind it with a 42AWG Heavy Formvar (more commonly associated with 50's Strat pickups), this gave the pickup thicker low-mids and an articulate presence range, ideal for blues tones. Now the rumour used to be that when re-assembling the pickup, the magnet was put in upside down, but it turns out the coils were actually wound the other way around. This put's the pickup out-of-phase, now because the two pickups are quite different, it minimises the amount of phase-cancellation you would normally get, also if you roll back one of the volume knobs, half a notch, just enough to let the other dominate, you can get less cancellation again, and achieve some really cool tones to trip out to.

output - 4/10
Magnets - Alnico 2
DC Resistance - N 7.6KΩ / B 8.2KΩ


The Formvather

Vintage Output, Fat & Full Low-End, Scooped Mids with Super Sparkly Highs. The Formvather Hmbuckers are Perfect for Creamy Blues or Fat Rock Riffs.

Wound with Heavy Formvar wire, more heavily assosiated with 50's & early 60's Fender style pickups, than with Humbuckers. The Formvather pickups have different magnets on the Neck and Bridge pickups, to give a wide range of usable tones. The Neck pickup has an Alnico 2 magnet, which gives a heavier scoop in the midrange, as well as more detailed highs, with beautiful harmonic response and picking dynamics. The Bridge on the other hand has an Alnico 4 magnet for more bite , the mids are more balances and chords ring out with power. Roll off the tone just a touch and you're tone will cream up with notes melting from one to the next. 
The Formvather set come un-potted as standard if you would like one or both of the pickups potting, let me know and I'll dunk em for free.

Output - 4/10
Magnets -N Alnico2 / B Alnico 4
DC Resistance - N 7.6KΩ / B 8.4KΩ 

modern high out.jpg

Modern &

High Output



A Gritty Bridge pickup with Powerfull Mids, capable of going from over-driven rock to full-on High-Gain Metal tones, paired with a cool organic Neck pickup for those all important clean passages between the riffing.

Don't be fooled by the difference in DC Resistance between the Neck and Bridge (contrary to popular belief DCR doesn't = output), these two are perfectly balanced, the difference in resistance is due to the fact that Neck and Bridge are wound with different gauge wire. This setup is focused around the type of player who lives by the rule, Bridge PU for riffs - Neck PU for cleans. It works well and these badboys get it nailed. Based on this idea, as standard the Clipper Bridge Pickup is potted, while the Neck Pickup is left un-potted.
If you're looking for a set that can do it all, this is likely the one for you.  

Output - N 5/10 - B 6/10
Magnets - Alnico 5
DC Resistance - N 7.6KΩ / B 14.5KΩ



METAL METAL METAL, High-Output, Killer Mids, Super-Fast Tracking, Full but Tight Low-end, Detailed Highs and Pinched Harmonics left right and Centre.

The Rampage set are the result of years of dealing with very demanding metal guitarists. There are so many high-output pickups on the market that give you the output, but really fall short on detail and clarity. Well we'll have none of that at JPG, if we're doin it we're doin it right! 
So after a lot of tinkering and thinking about what parts, materials and manufacturing techniques are applied in both the vintage and modern pickup making worlds, I've put together a set that has the power of a modern pickup, whilst retaining a level of detail and harmonic presence you could find in a vintage pickup. 
The Bridge Pickup uses a Ceramic Tri-Magnet arrangement, in combination with a fairly hot wind. The magnets give you the attack and bite needed for super fast riffing, and the wind supplies a suitable amount of low-end and low-mids to make a fat chunky tone suitable for all kinds of down-tuning.
The Neck Pickup has a slightly lighter wind, as s usual, but only uses a single Alnico 5 Magnet, this keeps harmonic range live, allowing for tasteful and lively cleans, with a slight roll-off of the vol, or a clean channel. On the other hand, kick the gain up and the weight of the wind will give warm as smooth tones for fast and smooth legato.  

Output - N 7/10 - B 8/10
Magnets - N Alnico 5 - B Ceramic Tri-Magnet
DC Resistance - N 12.6KΩ - B16.4KΩ


Crystal Rails

Aggressive, Tight, Fat Low-Mids and Super smooth legato. The Crystal Rails are Ideal for Metal guitarists who Riff and Solo a lot. Also working great for big down-tuners who use a lot of gain.

The Crystal Rails utilise a pair of Steel blades backed up by x4 Ceramic magnets on the Bridge and x2 on the Neck. The use of blades instead of separate poles reduces string separation, making them perfect for players who solo fast and want those fast runs to sound smooth and continuos. Also due to the shape and size of the coil used, these pickups have a lot of focus in the Low-Mids which is where you want your focus for down-tuned metal. If it's too low, you're gonna end up sounding like a bass. With a correctly focussed pickup, you're gonna get that aggressive meat you're looking for.

OUtPUT  - 7/10
Magnets - Ceramic
DC Resistance - N 12.7KΩ / B 15.5KΩ

Holy Mountain.jpg

Holy Mountain

Down-Tuned Malevolance in it's purest form. The Final word on doom & Sludge tones. Colossal Low-End with all the Clarity and Harmonic Presence you expect from a JPG pickup.

Do You like Down-Tuning? Big Amps turned to 10? Slow-Riffs? Me Too and I've designed these just for you.
The Holy Mountain Humbuckers are the perfect sludge and doom buckers, they've got masses of low-end and output, but due to the use of expensive (but worth every penny) vintage spec modern wire, all the detail and clarity remain, which means your fat low-end will pound down there, but all the harmonics and detail will float on top, perfectly audible.
I'm not gonna lie to you and say if you get a set of these, you're gonna get a brutal doom tone out of a little 50-watt Marshall live, you ain't and you're never gonna. You're still gonna need a big amp, but damn, these things are gonna push it to extremes you've never heard. 
Directions for use - Install in guitar, Pre-warm Tubes whilst Rolling, Turn to 10, Spark Up, Switch On, Sludge Out.

Output - 10/10
Magnets - Neck Alnico 5 / B Alnico 5 or Alnico/Ceramic combo
DC Resistance - N 18.5KΩ / B 22.2KΩ



Ridiculously High Output, originally just made as a joke, you probably shouldn't buy these, but hey they're fun.

The Premise, to see how much pickup you can fit into a cover and how ridiculous it sounds. This is how you make em, get the thinnest magnet wire on the market, this will allow you to get as many winds on as possible. load on and start winding, nod-off and have a little snooze, by the time you wake up, there should be a helluva lot of wire on there, then cram all the magnets in and dime your amps (Yes, multiple).

The Result, stupid amounts of low-end, so much power you'll struggle to keep tubes clean, surprisingly articulate highs and suspiciously dynamic.
Like I said, you probably shouldn't buy these... unless all you ever do is play through a dozen amps, biased to 80% dissipation, all dimed - all the time, in which case you'll probably love em.   



-Uncovered (Open) Humbucker (Neck or Bridge) £100
-Uncovered (Open) Humbucker Set (Neck + Bridge) £190

-Covered Humbucker (Neck or Bridge) £120
-Covered Humbucker Set (Neck + Bridge) £230
 (Covers Included, Nickel, Chrome,  Raw Nickel)
 (Gold, Black Nickel, Smoke Black Nickel +£5/Pickup)

-Super Vintage PAF - covers stamped from dies which were laser copied from real 1959 covers, Super Vintage Accurate Baseplates, Butyrate Bobbins and Rough-Cast Magnets. This won't change the sound of your pickups, but will keep the vintage accuracy nerds happy. +£50 per Set (Neck + Bridge)

-Wooden Bobbin Tops +£20-30/pickup

-Custom Acid Etched Raw Nickel Covers +£30-60 per Design

Want or seen some other custom styling? drop me a line with details and I'll work it out for you.

All Humbuckers available in 49.2mm (Vintage), 50mm (Modern Narrow) or 53mm (Fender®/Trem) spacing.
Your Choice of Vintage Braid or 4-conductor Hook-up Wire

INSTALLATION FREE!!!! (if you can bring the guitar in)

Standard Humbucker Covers

Contact for custom finishes

black covers.jpg