Custom Made Pickups for whatever you needs require

Most guitars come with relatively standard pickup configurations, allowing you to swap out your pickups for a multitude of tones on the market. However some guitars, particularly older ones have non-standard pickups, making replacement a real pain. One option is to rout out the guitar and/or replace the pickguard, but what if you wanna keep the look original, but get your kinda tone out of it? in this situation you're gonna want to get something custom made.

Don't worry this likely won't be as expensive as you think, more often than not, we can pull off the original pickup covers and then make something new to go inside, voiced to your specs. 

Yamaha sg-20 pickups.jpg

Check out this old 60's Yamaha SG-2A, those old pickups look cool, but sound dead as hell. I was able to pull off the old plastic covers and make a custom sized Strat type coil to go inside.


Or how about you've got a guitar routed for humbuckers and you wanna get a really dynamic and harmonic single coil tone on the neck? Humbucker-sized single coils are readily available, but a P90 has a more compressed tone that you're not really looking for, what your looking for is a mid 50's Alnico3 & 42awg Heavy Formvar Strat tone, no problem. Check out this custom Strat in a bucker cover, this could just as easily be done with a Tele style pickup inside. 

multicoil MM.jpg

Ever seen a Multi-Coil? Here's a Wal inspired pickup that fits inside a MM size cover. Instead of the  having the magnet wire running around the whole set of magnets, each one is individually wound and then connected in series, with the two rows connected in parallel. Multi-coil pickups are well known for having both really deep and pure lows but retaining detailed and sparkly highs


How about, you bought an 8-string guitar, it's routed for humbuckers and no one makes anything other than humbuckers for 8-string, you wan't some nice percussive single-coil tones in the neck position. Why not have a custom made 8-string P90 made with A5 magnets and 42AWG Plain Enamel, with extended width bobbins to fit perfectly into your cavity.

These are just a few examples of what's possible, if you've got an idea for what you want making, just drop me a line or give us a buzz and we'll get you sorted.