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Jazz Bass pickups

Jazz Standards

Across a range of different models it seems that the original design was the best, the original Strat, Tele, and definitely Jazz Bass pickups were brilliant, then it slowly went downhill from there. As with most of the pickups from this era produced by Fender®* They were wound with 42AWG Heavy Formvar, which gave them a detailed highs and a robust midrange to counter the scoop you'd associate with a Parallel Humbucker. If you're looking for a really good Jazz Bass tone with plenty of detail, that can be used for a range of tones, then this is where you wanna be. 
Will suit both Ash and Alder bodies as well as both Maple and Rosewood Boards 

4-String Set - £160

5-String Set £180

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Ol' Thunder

A Classic example of real Thunderbird Tone, wound to spec with 42AWG Plain Enamel over Alnico 5 Magnets, on custom made bobbins, they have plenty of output, power and of course Low-End, but retain all the detail and personality you'd expect from a vintage Pickup. For best results plug into a very large tube amp and roll off one of the volumes a notch to let one pickup dominate, then let the tone dominate you.

Output - 7/10
Magnets - Alnico 5
DC Resistance - Bridge 9.8kΩ / Neck 8.8kΩ

Thunder on the Tundra

Nappies on, you're most likely gonna hit the brown note with these badboys. Wound with 43awg Plain Enamel over Alnico 5 magnets like their Vintage Cousins, these have a whole lot more wire for more output and more Low-End. For Best results, plug into multiple tube amps, smoke 'til you can barely open your eyes and teach your neighbours the true meaning of Thunder. 

Output - 9/10
Magnets - Alnico 5
DC Resistance - Bridge 16.0kΩ / Neck 12.5kΩ

Lightning buckers

Vintage looks with a modern tone.

Not All T-Bird players are into vintage or Stoner tones. What if you're looking for a pair of humbuckers that have that vintage look, but give a modern Humbucker tone. These humbuckers are wound over Ceramic Magnets for that contemporary compressed tone of modern pickups, but with Heavy Fromvar Wire for more chunk in the low-mids. These pickups work great wired either in Series (traditional T-Bird) or in Parallel (More Like an MM pickup). If you're looking for a wide verity of tones, why not have Series/Parallel switched wired onto Push/Pull pots on your Vol knobs.

Output- Series 7/10 - Parallel 4/10
Magnets - Ceramic

DC Resistance for Series Opperation
Bridge 11.3kΩ / Neck 9.6kΩ

DC Resistance for Parallel Opperation
Bridge 2.9kΩ / Neck 2.4kΩ



Single pickup - £125

Set (x2) - £240

Price includes Nickel, Chrome or Raw Nickel covers

Gold Covers +£5 per pickup

Metal Pickup surrounds (nickel or Chrome) - £18

Metal Pickup surrounds (Gold) - £20

Plastic Pickup surround spacers (Black) - £15
used for obtaining extra pickup height

Custom Etching on pickup covers available, contact for info